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Meal Kits

Dinner at Mary's Meal Kits are 3 courses and serve 2 guests. They take about 30-45 minutes to prepare with clear, step by step instructions using basic kitchen equipment. We use cannabis as a culinary enhancement to provide a relaxing and immersive dining experience.


THC: During checkout you will be prompted to choose if you would like a complimentary gift of THC infused olive oil [an option If you are over 21]. This oil has been updated recently to include Delta 8 THC, which is THC derived from hemp and therefore federally legal and protected under the 2018 Farm Act. This allows the meal kits to be legally shipped over state lines. Delta 8 is about 50% as potent as Delta 9 THC [traditional THC found in cannabis flower] and provides a similar psychoactive experience. The dosage has been updated to reflect this potency level i.e. the kits now come with 40 mg of Delta 8 THC. The recipe, included with the kit, provides instructions on how to add the oil to the meal as you prepare it. You can make the meal kit fully without the oil, or choose what dosage you would like to include. Our recommended dosage is 20 mg per guest.

Shipping: We recently switched from delivery to shipping which has greatly expanded our service area to include all of New England. Kits are shipped in refrigerated packaging and arrive by Friday night of the week of the meal kit. 

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