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Private Catering


We offer seated meals, mix and mingle events or a combination of the two. In any scenario, guests can
participate in the full experience with or without infusion. We focus on dosage control, and will provide
guidance on the milligram level that’s right for you. 

We make our DAM infused olive oil using dispensary grade, tested distillate and Greek cold pressed olive
oil. If you decide to include cannabis in your experience, the infusion is a gift and does not change

Catering Request Form


Your server / manager will explain the different levels offered as well as the expected timeline to feel the effects i.e. 60-90 minutes. Guests will choose their level of infusion onsite with guidance from your
cannabis manager.

Level Options: [dosage is for the entire 5 course experience]
0 mg, 5 mg. 10 mg, 20mg - please let us know if you’re looking for higher dosage

Mocktail Style [Mix & Mingle]
Mocktails will be dosed and administered by a bartender. Typically we recommend 2-5mg per
mocktail, but there is some flexibility with dosage.


Passed Appetizers can be offered infused and non-infused. Typically accompanied by an infused
sauce offering 1-2 mg per dip.

Stationary Items will be labeled and lightly infused, or served and dosed by a chef specifically for
each guest.

Event Menus

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