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Sam Kanter
Owner & Operator

Sam Kanter, owner of Sam Kanter Events and Dinner at Mary's, has worked in the food industry since 2007, garnering extensive experience in on-premise events and catering in the Boston restaurant scene. She started DAM to bring cannabis and cuisine to the people. A Zagat 30 under 30 winner, Sam is known for pushing the envelope, creating unique experiences for her guests, with a focus on hospitality.

With DAM, Sam aims to provide a fun, safe, educational environment for all levels of cannabis familiarity. Her main going is to remove the negative stigma associated with marijuana and show people what it can really do. Sam's relationship with cannabis plays many roles in her life, many of which are productive (long runs, operating her business, calming anxiety) proving cannabis' positive impact.

She hopes the role of cannabis in mainstream culture can shift to its deserved position rivaling both alcohol and big name pharma as a healthy, effective alternative.

What we're about

The Dinner at Mary’s name plays with the

"mary jane" innuendo, but is also the name of Sam’s mother, whose thoughtful cooking heavily influenced Sam's involvement in the food industry.


Dinner at Mary’s is a Boston based, woman owned company offering a plethora of products and services all enhanced by cannabis.


weekly meal kits: shipped throughout New England

events: think yoga, comedy, cooking classes


private catering: in-home infused tasting menus, corporate mocktail parties, cannabis pairing dinners, and everything in between

infused products: coming soon


We find that cannabis, with the proper education,  can truly enhance your life mentally, physically and through a culinary lens.


Alycia Palame


Alycia is a versatile chef with a passion for sharing her love of food with others. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in 2016, she worked as a chef at the Fenway EMC Club in Boston and Puritan & Company in Cambridge. She then became the sous chef at Forage in Cambridge, where she developed a love of cooking with fresh, local, and foraged ingredients. As the chef at Dinner At Mary's, Alycia hopes to use her skills to help others cook fresh, delicious cuisine at home and find their own passion for food. Alycia is a true believer in the many medicinal and recreational qualities of cannabis, and is excited to bring together cannabis and food in creative ways.

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