How much THC-infused olive oil should I use?

We recommend 10mg per user. Inexperienced users should start with 5mg and wait 2 hours before consuming more.


How long does it take to feel the effects?

Typically about 1 hour, but it can take up to 2 hours, be patient!


Can you make the meal kit without using the THC- infused olive oil?



Is the food safe for kids?

Yes. But the THC addition is only suitable for those 21+.


Do you have to know how to cook / bake?

You do not need cooking experience to enjoy these kits. The instructions are very clear and extensive. The desserts are already constructed, just need to be warmed or  dressed to enjoy, we make it real easy.


What supplies do you need at home?

You will need salt, pepper, and cooking oil for most kits. Equipment varies, but typically a skillet, saucepan, stovetop and oven are needed  to make each kit.


How much are the kits?



How many servings per kit?

Two (2) three-course meals.


Do you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Some, contact us with specifics.


Is there THC in the food?

No. An optional gift of THC-infused olive oil comes separate upon request


Do you deliver to…?

We deliver to the Greater Boston Area. Message us if you’re outside that zone, we’re known to make exceptions.


Do you have vegetarian and / or gluten free options?

Yes, both! We can offer a vegetarian version of most kits, just ask!


Can you order for 3 people?

Not at this time. We recommend ordering 2 kits and enjoying a little extra / leftovers.


Where does the food come from?

We partner with local vendors whenever possible. Check our social media for announcements.